If you own a vehicle, paying for car insurance is just a fact of life. There's no getting around it. Liability auto insurance is required by law, and it's a foolish risk to go without. Unfortunately, automobile insurance can also be quite expensive. Whether it's due to a young age and not much driving experience, living in a no-fault car insurance state, having had an accident or other driving violations previously, poor credit, or any number of other factors, it's a considerable expenditure. There are some things you can do to lower your bill, though. Here's four ideas that may be worth trying.

Look For A New Carrier

People are creatures of habit. If you have been with the same company for years, it's time to check out other options. The internet makes it easy to apply online and get an instant quote. Be aware most insurance companies will check your credit, however, so don't go overboard as every time your credit is run since it lowers your score a few points temporarily. Choose two or three and see what you get. If you get a lower quote, call your current carrier and see if they can match it.

Go Through An Independence Insurance Carrier

Even better, see who your local independent insurance carrier is. They work with several different insurance companies. You can meet with an agent, give them all your information, and then because they are familiar with the pros and cons of each company, they will only run quotes with the ones they feel will be most financially advantageous to your specific situation. Chances are, they will come up with a better price than your current carrier.

Drop Coverage

If you haven't looked at your policy in a while, go over it. You may have more insurance than you need. For example, each state has liability minimums, but you may have more than what is legally required.

If you have full coverage, liability, comprehensive, and collision, consider whether you really need it or not. If you have a car loan, you will need to keep the comprehensive and collision, but if your vehicle is paid for, is an older vehicle, and you have another vehicle or the means to replace this one should something happen, consider dropping it.

Pay You Bill Annually Or Semi-Annually

Most auto insurance services give considerable discounts if you pay six months or even a full year of your policy at a time rather than monthly. They may offer other discounts as well. For example, if you bundle your homeowner's insurance with them, they may reduce your auto insurance. They may partner with your employer and offer a discount as well.